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Drakula halala-1921 by 4gottenlore Drakula halala-1921 by 4gottenlore
Drakula halála (1921) translated as "The Death of Dracula" a lost film:
This is believed to be (based on some of the evidence that has come to light in the past 15 years) that this is the first film to have been based on Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. This discovery was made some years back when a kind of novelization film book that was used to advertise a movie when it was not playing in theaters at the time was discovered, the year that it gives for its release was 1921, which would beat Nosferatu by one year. From what has been surmised the film itself really doesn't have much to do with stokers novel other then the main character sharing the same name Dracula, the Hungarian spelling "Drakula". The movie is centered around a woman (Mary) who is sent to an insane asylum and is haunted by a person proclaiming themselves to be Drakula. Whether this movie had supernatural elements or not is kinda unclear in parts. However the cover to the novel shows a foreboding character with the traditional vampire teeth, which is a striking image ([link]). No prints as of yet have been found of this film and is considered to be a lost film.

Here is a link to a really good website that gives a wealth of info on this movie here:

also on the bottom of this web page there is a link to download a pdf explaining more about some of the scenes and other info regarding this film, here is the direct link:

and here are some links to a wiki page on the movie:

and an IMBd page:
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